Licence Plate Recognition software engine.

Our product is the only ANPR engine built completely in Argentina with no dependency of thirds party SDK's.

The disruptive technology algorithm has outstanding characteristics wich makes it revolutionary in terms of speed and accuracy.

Winner of the CASEL security innovation contest in 2010.


We decided to avoid entering too much text in our site, because our videos speak for themselves. Specially the following one.
Video of our engine working in Buenos Aires.
  video de demo
Main features:
    • Outstanding speed and accuracy
    • Very good resolution of plates in bad shape.
    • The development was financed by government entities, so its development process is fully documented and audited.
    • Multiplatform development in C++. Actual versions for Windows and Linux.
    • We are used to implement any interface with any system. Interfaces built in ZeroMQ, REST, CORBA, etc. As client and as server.
    • Scalability and adaptability to other systems.
    • Works from a vehicle in movement.
    • Connectivity with any kind of camera interface: industrial cameras (Genicam protocol), IP cameras (h.264 over RTSP) and analog cameras.
    • Works with plates of trucks with big signs or plots.
    • Being used by the main highway in Argentina for toll collect.
    • Our company has huge experience on computer vision systems and optical systems (we also build fruit sorting systems)
    • Special versions for licence plates of Chile and Uruguay.

Video of our LPR system being used as access control. (select the subtitles of your preference)

  video de demo


VisionDePatentes is a company dedicated to software development and engineering and doesn't compete with integrators, collaborating with them as an ally in ITS solutions.

VisionDePatentes is part of ISort S.A.

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